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Dr. Lieven Penninck interviewed on the past, present and future of PlanOpSim, Meta Optics by José Pozo, CTO Optica. Vision for metalens design & simulation.

” The introduction of more advanced AI offers great new opportunities. Dr. Penninck points to the necessity of identifying the right model for the right method. And while there is no miracle solution, AI can help design at record speed. A multi-step design process gives you the ability to run scenarios and create prototypes with AI – streamlining time constraints and costs in moving to mass production.  “

Longread with link here


❖ Large area design: Meta-components up to 169’000’000 meta-atoms (6,3×6,3mm2)

❖ Batch selection of meta-atoms

❖ Angular analysis and optimization

❖ Wave-to-ray interface

Link with video here !

March 2023

PlanOpSim selected for highly competitive Accelerator !
Press release here: 

Empire State Development Announces 10 Finalists Selected (

Lieven Penninck, Founder and CTO gave a seminar on  ” Meta-surface
design from meta-atoms to systems ” 
in Silicon Valley 
With a focus on pragmatic and practical design

You can find the full presentation here

Jan-Feb 2023

PlanOpSim will be presenting at SPIE Photonic West with the following topic
” Dispersion engineered hybrid meta-surface design for highly compact optical systems “

You can find the full presentation here


EPIC Technology Meeting on Metalenses & Metasurfaces

”  A View on the Opportunities & Challenges for the Design of Metalenses and Metasurfaces. A Pragmatic and Case Based Overview  ” 

Link can be found here to full talk

Dec 2022

PlanOpSim, part of Fabulous wins an Horizon Europe Call

 December 2022

PlanOpSim presented at POEM Conferencewith the follwowing topic
” Accelerating Meta-atom Optimization with Optimization, Inverse Design and AI Methods: An Application OrientedBenchmark ” 
If you want the abstract or full result; feel free to email us.


August 2022

SPIE Photonic West 2022

” Angular spectrum representation of vector fields for supporting metasurface
analysis and design ” 


July 2022

PlanOpSim presented at Meta Conference
Metalens & Metasurface Design: From Nanostructure to Components to System Design ( Hybrid )
Full YouTube Video Link Below

May 2022

PlanOpSim named as one of the frontrunners in the Metalens Revolution by LaserFocusWorld

” Their multiscale simulation approach treats the subwavelength structures of the metaatoms with a full Maxwell solution and applies appropriate approximations on the component and system scale where a full wave solution is extremely time and memory consuming. “

Februari 2022 

OSA Webinar by PlanOpSim for the whole Nanophotonics Community
Practical Meta-Surface Design for Polarization Optics 

June 2021

OSA Topical Meeting on Flat Optics

” Sensitivity analysis and tolerancing of Mid Wave IR metalenses ” 



First Launch of Commercial Software


PlanOpSim selected as one of 9 start ups by leading tech accelerator ImecIstart


Foundation of PlanOpSim Limited

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