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March 2023

PlanOpSim selected for highly competitive Accelerator !
Press release here: 

Empire State Development Announces 10 Finalists Selected (

Lieven Penninck, Founder and CTO gave a seminar on  ” Meta-surface
design from meta-atoms to systems ” 
in Silicon Valley 
With a focus on pragmatic and practical design

You can find the full presentation here

Jan-Feb 2023

PlanOpSim will be presenting at SPIE Photonic West with the following topic
” Dispersion engineered hybrid meta-surface design for highly compact optical systems “

You can find the full presentation here


EPIC Technology Meeting on Metalenses & Metasurfaces

”  A View on the Opportunities & Challenges for the Design of Metalenses and Metasurfaces. A Pragmatic and Case Based Overview  ” 

Link can be found here to full talk

Dec 2022

PlanOpSim, part of Fabulous wins an Horizon Europe Call

 December 2022

PlanOpSim presented at POEM Conferencewith the follwowing topic
” Accelerating Meta-atom Optimization with Optimization, Inverse Design and AI Methods: An Application OrientedBenchmark ” 
If you want the abstract or full result; feel free to email us.


August 2022

SPIE Photonic West 2022

” Angular spectrum representation of vector fields for supporting metasurface
analysis and design ” 


July 2022

PlanOpSim presented at Meta Conference
Metalens & Metasurface Design: From Nanostructure to Components to System Design ( Hybrid )
Full YouTube Video Link Below

May 2022

PlanOpSim named as one of the frontrunners in the Metalens Revolution by LaserFocusWorld

” Their multiscale simulation approach treats the subwavelength structures of the metaatoms with a full Maxwell solution and applies appropriate approximations on the component and system scale where a full wave solution is extremely time and memory consuming. “

Februari 2022 

OSA Webinar by PlanOpSim for the whole Nanophotonics Community
Practical Meta-Surface Design for Polarization Optics 

June 2021

OSA Topical Meeting on Flat Optics

” Sensitivity analysis and tolerancing of Mid Wave IR metalenses ” 



First Launch of Commercial Software


PlanOpSim selected as one of 9 start ups by leading tech accelerator ImecIstart


Foundation of PlanOpSim Limited

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