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We have years  of experience in photonics technology and materials at your disposal! Browse through our showcases and past projects

Project Showcases

Meta Surface Beam Shaping

Meta Optic Emitter Receiver 

Antiglare Film

Problem Statement :

* Beam shaping optics are important for improving laser manufacturing, optical sensor performance,  Time-of-Flight (TOF) depth sensing

* Beam shaping optics need:

1) Control output light shape
2) Single component (robust + lower cost)
3)Robust / High damage threshold (laser manufacturing)

PlanOpSims task was to design a meta-surface top-hat beam shaper for an incident Gaussian beam

Full project and results available here in detail

Project Results :

*System contract near sample contrast

*Single Meta-Optic Solution

*Optic size 150x150um array

Full project available here

Project Result :

*High quality anti glare structures were found

* Design trade-offs between glare, haze and clarity 

*Effect of randomization studied

*Best identified structure outperformed best commercially available sample

Full project available here in detail


Past Projects


Optical film characterization

PlanOpSim has used a number of optical techniques for characterization and parameter extraction from thin film materials. The most important optical parameters extracted are: Refractive

Read project »

Optical modelling

PlanOpSim’s primary expertise is numerical modelling and design of thin film and other optical components. Next to PlanOpSim’s own tools, we use third party tools as required for the task:

  • Finite Difference Time Domain simulations of micro-optics

  • Non-sequential Ray tracing for non-imaging applications: solar concentrators and LCDs

  • Design of thin film light emitting devices

Photonic Applications

Our team can help you with testing, design and prototyping of various kinds of photonic and optical applications. 

  • LCD displays and back light units

  • Multi-projector setups and image stitching

  • Thin film solar cells

Software Customization

You want the software that models the parameters you need, for the applications you are focussing on. PlanOpSim can deliver custom features, interfaces and even entire models tailored to your wishes. In the past we have delivered the following algorithms for specific analyses:

  • Light emission and micro-cavity effects in birefringent materials: liquid crystal lasers and OLEDs

  • Algorithms for calculating light extraction and efficency of OLEDs

  • Identification of plasmon modes for material characterization and loss analysis

Design for Fabrication

You want to know what is the most robust design

You want to know what is the best fabrication methodology for your specific application

You want to be brought in touch with fabricators the right way

Measurement and Characterization

  • Optical measurement setups for light scattering,

  • Photometric characterization of (O)LEDs

  • Characterization of thin films, determination of refractive indices, birefringence and absorption

These are just the areas in which we already have extensive experience. We never shy away from new challenges

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