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PlanOpSim unites the design of planar optics into an easy-to-use meta-lens software tool. PlanOpSim unites:


Photonics can be complicated. Let PlanOpSim help you solve your design and integration problems.

PlanOpSim’s team has over 10 years of experience in optical modelling in multiple aspects of photonics:

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Use Examples

Example of phase and transmissionof a nano-structure
Example GDS file generated via PlanOpSim software
Example focusing efficiency and spot calculation

Integrated nano-structure and component design

The PlanOpsim software provides a start-to-finish workflow for the design of meta-lenses and other meta-surfaces. 

To design meta-surfaces PlanOpSim simulates both the tiny nano-structures and  larger components made of millions of nano-structures. PlanOpSim software applies a multi-scale optical model to simulate these components effectively. The sub-wavelength meta-atoms are modelled with a full wave solution to Maxwell equations and the component scale simulation is calculated using efficient propagation optics.

The meta-cell module is used for modelling the behaviour of meta-atoms. The PlanOpSim software models arbitrary shaped nano-structures using the RCWA method. Many shapes are predefined in the software and are easily parametrized.

After simulation the response of the meta-atoms is analyzed via a versatile visualization menu. In depth analysis of the waveguided mode’s field distribution is possible via the waveguide probes.

The meta-cell calculations are seamlessly integrated with the meta-component module. You simply select meta-atoms from your nanostructure library and specify the phase or intensity profile to be reproduced by the meta-surfaces.

The meta-component design algorithm generates the meta-surface layout for multiple targets of different wavelength, polarization or angle. After designing a meta-surface its performance can be analyzed directly in the software. The analysis functionality easily simulates dependence on polarization, spectrum and incidence angles.   





Optical modelling

PlanOpSim's primary expertise is numerical modelling and design of thin film and other optical components. Next to PlanOpSim's own tools, we use third party tools as required for the task:

Artist impression meta-lens + sensor

Measurement and Characterization

Optical measurement setups for light scattering, Photometric characterization of (O)LEDs and Characterization of thin films, determination of refractive indices, birefringence and absorption

Photonic Applications

Our team can help you with testing, design and prototyping of various kinds of photonic and optical applications.

Software Customization

You want the software that models the parameters you need, for the applications you are focussing on. PlanOpSim can deliver custom features, interfaces and even entire models tailored to your wishes. In the past we have delivered the following algorithms for specific analyses:

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