Multi-projector setup

This is the Philips TV that grew out of this foundation prototype.
The resulting image from several picoprojectors at the back of the TV.

Projectors work best when they project onto a wall in front of them. But that wasn’t an option in this project, where an array of pico projectors had to be combined to form a single image on a wall parallel to them and about 30cm away.

In this project source videos were specially processed to be projected by 5 different projectors each at a different angle from the back of a television.

The key steps were:

  • Mapping and calibrating the deformation by the non-standard projection
  • Correcting the source video for the deforamtion by the projector. This creates an “inverse-warped”video
  • Splitting the new video stream and sending it to individual projectors

The prototype from this project was developed further into the Philips Ambilux TV.

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