Prevent Metalens Fabrication Imperfections

The Effect Of Fabrication-Imperfections On Metalens Performance


Planar dielectric cylindrical lens at 800 nm and the role of fabrication imperfections.
The full paper is found here.

Metalenses are perfect lenses, at least they could be. In reality all kinds of fabrication imperfections and assembly errors reduce their performance. For real-life applications robust designs are needed so that the fabricated lenses perform within tolerance. Producers have to know which imperfections are critical and which deviations are acceptable.

This interesting paper discusses the effect of changes in a nano-pillars on their performance in a cylindrical lens. The authors examine how the intercept factor changes with random imperfections in the radius and flatness of the nano-pillars.
It made me wonder what the effect of all other kinds of imperfections are such as steepness of the sidewalls, warping of the substrate or roughness of the material.

Optical modelling tools are essential for tolerancing and robustness studies.

Design For Robustness will be one of the key skills for Nanophotonics & Optical Engineers.
A more detailed study and presentation you can find here
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