Meta-component example:
Spatially varying polarization

S plate traditional

Reading time: 10 minutesWritten for: optical engineers, photonics engineers, researchers, technology scouts. Extra-relevant if you are interested in: meta-surfaces, spatially varying polarization (e.g. S-plate, Q-plate, J-plate), HWP, birefringent meta-material. Application examples: Structured light for lithography, Optical tweezers or microscopy; radially symmetric beams for high quality laser cutting. This article was published as part of an […]

Optical film characterization

PlanOpSim has used a number of optical techniques for characterization and parameter extraction from thin film materials. The most important optical parameters extracted are: Refractive index and absorption coefficient Haze and transmission Optical retardation of birefringent materials Film thickness Transmission and reflection PlanOpSim can help you with these techniques: Spectroscopic Ellipsometry: is the reference method […]

Multi-projector setup

Projectors work best when they project onto a wall in front of them. But that wasn’t an option in this project, where an array of pico projectors had to be combined to form a single image on a wall parallel to them and about 30cm away. In this project source videos were specially processed to […]

Model for birefringence in OLEDs

Since many years, OLEDs are known for producing the highest quality displays. OLED displays are still steadily improving with more and more prototypes of flexible displays. A next hurdle is to bring these prototypes to the mass market. OLEDs consist of a stack of organic semiconductor layers that have to be carefully designed to display perfect […]