Optical film characterization

PlanOpSim has used a number of optical techniques for characterization and parameter extraction from thin film materials. The most important optical parameters extracted are: Refractive index and absorption coefficient Haze and transmission Optical retardation of birefringent materials Film thickness Transmission and reflection PlanOpSim can help you with these techniques: Spectroscopic Ellipsometry: is the reference method […]

Multi-projector setup

Projectors work best when they project onto a wall in front of them. But that wasn’t an option in this project, where an array of pico projectors had to be combined to form a single image on a wall parallel to them and about 30cm away. In this project source videos were specially processed to […]

Model for birefringence in OLEDs

Since many years, OLEDs are known for producing the highest quality displays.¬†OLED displays are still steadily improving with more and more prototypes of flexible displays. A next hurdle is to bring these prototypes to the mass market. OLEDs consist of a stack of organic semiconductor layers that have to be carefully designed to display perfect […]